2022 GlobalSTL Health Innovation Summit on Workforce

August 16-17, 2022
In-person & Virtual | St. Louis, MO, USA

The 6th annual GlobalSTL Health Innovation Summit (GHIS) on Workforce Innovation offers solutions for the healthcare workforce crisis that is impacting access to care and quality of care, and is estimated to have reduced health systems' profitability by $54 billion in 2021. The challenges are larger than what Central Staffing and CRHOs can alone address and require innovative workforce solutions. According to the AHA, “workforce challenges are a national emergency that demand immediate attention from all levels of government and workable solutions.” 

GlobalSTL Workforce Innovation Summit Goals:

  • Showcase practical and innovative approaches to increase workforce supply now (this year)
  • Learn about healthcare workforce models for the post-pandemic era
  • Engage with a curated “workforce solutions” toolbox to address your pressing workforce issues

 Highlights of the 2022 GHIS on Workforce Innovation:

  • How to reduce travel nurse spend by 25% in 6 months
  • Implementing a new healthcare workforce strategy for the post-pandemic era
  • How to access the latent healthcare workforce that the great resignation created
  • Learn why reimagining the base of the workforce pyramid is key to health system profitability

 Attendance of health system and healthcare business CNOs, CSOs, CINOs, CFOs, CEOs and CRHOs.

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Workforce in healthcare is an issue of national significance and is reaching a crisis in many parts of the country. Leading up to the pandemic there were already significant workforce challenges. The pandemic has amplified them, stemming from fatigue after wave after successive waves of patients.

Akin Demehin
Director of Policy at the American Hospital Association Trade Group

The Solution Agenda

The Summit features health systems – partnering with innovators – discussing their successes, pitfalls, and key lessons learned in deploying here-and-now solutions. Read the full agenda below.

Highly Curated Experience

Attendees gain visibility to innovative workforce products and services with real-world experience and shared perspectives from senior leadership. 

One-on-one Discussions

After this year’s Summit, each member organization individually works with the GlobalSTL Team to bring specific curated solutions via a 1-on-1 meeting format. 

Pitches to Top Leadership

Experienced innovators tell their stories and share their solutions with teams of senior leadership from top healthcare organizations.

Summit Attendees Include the Nation's Largest Healthcare Systems and Organizations

GlobalSTL, an initiative of BioSTL, is the premier business development platform for digital health companies looking to access Midwest customers. Our platform of strategic business development partners include 18 healthcare organizations from 5 Midwestern states whose combined revenues are $410B (10% US healthcare spend) and growing. GlobalSTL sources needs-based innovation that addresses strategic interests and pain points for our platform partners.

US Healthcare Workforce Crisis by the Numbers

Industry experts have been sounding the alarm for decades on an impending US healthcare worker shortage. Pressures from the pandemic and the subsequent “great resignation” have transformed operational challenges into a full-blown crisis.

American Hospital Association data claims increased workforce costs were driven largely by a 132% increase in the use of agency and temporary workforce with agency contracted RNs comprising over 38% of total RN hours as of January 2022.

  • 20% of physicians reported intending to leave their practice in the next 2 years
  • 16% of nurses quit their job in 2021
  • 34% of remaining nurses say it’s “very likely” that they will leave their roles by the end of 2022
  • 40% cited burnout/high-stress environment 
  • 27% cited benefits/pay and a lack of flexibility for shifts
  • Each 1% increase in RN turnover costs the average hospital $270,000 per year
  • 39% of nurses may turnover in their first year, and, given it takes 3 months to recruit an experienced RN, teams may be losing staff faster than they can backfill

“The reality is that not only nurses are leaving the bedside; unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) have been leaving their hospital roles, too, thereby increasing the registered nurse (RN) workload. The question remains: What is the path forward?” – Excerpt from a Q4 2021 report by Wolters Kluwer, UKG

  • 524,000 fewer US healthcare workers since February 2020
  • 16% of hospitals cited “critical staffing shortages” as of October 2021
  • 25% and growing of per diem and variable shift healthcare workers offered employment ghost or decline offers

“This places a materially increased burden on our existing workforce which has been stretched and strained dramatically during the pandemic, and we risk losing even more of our current permanent workforce which will have a significant impact on the ability of our hospitals and other healthcare institutions,” Hilton Raethel, head of the Healthcare Association of Hawaii.


Photo of Matt Hermann

Matt Hermann

Ascension Ventures, Senior Managing Partner

“GlobalSTL did a masterful job showcasing St. Louis’ many assets in a terrific setting and bringing in a wide range of interesting companies that was higher quality than what I see at the HIMSS Venture Fair.”

Photo of Mark Bini

Mark Bini

Express Scripts, Chief Patient Experience Officer

“In one word, I would just say ‘Wow!’ There’s tremendous value in what GlobalSTL did here.”

Photo of Tom Maddox

Tom Maddox

BJC Healthcare-WUSM Healthcare Innovation Lab, Executive Director

“We believe very strongly in the GlobalSTL model, and in my role as the director of the Healthcare Innovation Lab, I view GlobalSTL as my core international sourcing partner.”

Photo of Jory Tremblay

Jory Tremblay

Babylon Health - Former Head of US Growth

“If I'm sitting in the UK and I want to access the U.S. health care system, St. Louis and the GHIS is a very logical place to start. St. Louis is centrally located, and has 8 percent of total U.S. health care spend. The GHIS is a curated process so the companies you meet are interested in the solutions you have. It’s a really good investment of your time.”

Photo of Ziv Ofek

Ziv Ofek


“St. Louis is a hidden gem in healthcare. I was blown away by the level of innovation and scope of their healthcare systems. GlobalSTL is THE navigator for startups to connect with St. Louis.”

Photo of Ken Cahill

Ken Cahill

SilverCloud Health CEO

“The number of meetings GlobalSTL curated for us in the last 24 to 48 hours is probably equivalent to 6 months of work, in terms of the people, the levels, and quality. We are exploring a second hub outside of Boston, and are seriously considering St. Louis. We see this as a very powerful location for us and an influential one as well. ”

Photo of Ciara Clancy

Ciara Clancy

Beats Medical CEO

“Excellent, one of the best summits I'd been to. From start to finish you planned out an exceptional itinerary, which helped us feel so welcome and part of the community in St Louis.”

Photo of Philip Siberg

Philip Siberg

Coala Life CEO

“St. Louis has been an enormous entry point to us in the U.S. We have our first customers there. I also feel like St. Louis has some similarities with Stockholm where the key to succeeding is by working together with academia, industry and researchers. If you can combine those three things together to create an ecosystem, that’s a huge opportunity for us. St. Louis has that powerhouse to make that happen.”

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