GlobalSTL: Converting Innovation to Value

Recruiting high-growth international companies that enrich and expand St. Louis’ innovation economy and bring competitive advantage to regional corporations, research institutions, and universities.

A Win for St. Louis Companies

GlobalSTL can be your innovation sourcing partner and convening partner, delivering business value and competitive advantage to your organization.

A Win for Global Companies

GlobalSTL can be your business development partner and navigator into St. Louis’ world-class corporate and innovation ecosystems, delivering customer and business development opportunities.

A Win for the St. Louis Region

GlobalSTL is transforming the St. Louis economy based on a foundation of innovation and global connectedness. Our recruitment efforts result in high-paying jobs and a more vibrant workforce.

Leveraging Regional Strengths and Buying Power

GlobalSTL focuses on companies that match St. Louis’ strengths in agriculture/food, health care, security (cyber and public safety), fintech, and industrial technologies. GlobalSTL is a business development partner that delivers customers and strategic business development opportunities to international startups looking to enter the US market.


international countries engaged


new international companies with St. Louis presence


business deals signed between startups and local strategics

Our International Partners

GlobalSTL establishes win-win partnerships with groups from world-leading innovation centers. We partner with accelerators, investors, innovation clusters, venture builders, government organizations, and the like to help us find innovative companies that create impact and competitive advantage for our U.S.-based corporate and research partners. Contact us if you are interested in working together.

Our U.S. Partners in Health Care

St. Louis is a regional health care powerhouse, home to the largest non-profit hospital system in the U.S., the most selective medical school in the country, the #1 pharmacy benefits manager in the U.S., and the fastest growing insurance company in the country, to name a few. GlobalSTL partners with each of these to deliver new technologies that can create competitive advantage for St. Louis and international companies alike.

Our U.S. Partners in AgTech

An unofficial statistic about St. Louis is that we have the largest number of plant science PhDs of any region in the world. This is reflected by the breadth and scope of our life sciences ecosystem. From corporate partners, to research institutions, GlobalSTL is helping these organizations find innovations that will help solve the challenges of feeding a growing population, while facing more uncertainties than ever before.

How We Do It


GlobalSTL identifies international companies that can benefit from St. Louis’ corporate and innovation ecosystem. We have strong partnerships with the region’s largest employers, top startups, civic leadership, incubators, universities, and research centers. We learn their pain points and identify international innovation that can solve them.


We educate and inform international companies on the unique strengths and specific value-add St. Louis has to offer, and we perform diligence to assure quality, reputation, and prospects for future growth. GlobalSTL facilitates relationships with decision-makers in St. Louis corporations, hospital systems, universities, investors and government entities for business development opportunities, pilots, capital raises, and joint R&D.


When conditions are right for the establishment of U.S. presence by the international company in St. Louis, GlobalSTL helps navigate selection of physical location, assists with talent needs, helps ease transition for staff and families, and continues indefinitely to support the company’s success and strengthen its long-term relationship with St. Louis.

Worldwide Deals

Starting with Israel in 2014, and expanding steadily into Europe, Asia, and South America, the GlobalSTL team is connecting St. Louis to leading innovation hubs worldwide. Developing deep networks in each country, GlobalSTL identifies cutting-edge innovators that can bring business value and competitive advantage to St. Louis corporations, institutions, and health systems. Many of these international innovators have made St. Louis their North American headquarters.