Capital Attraction

BioSTL has grown seed and venture capital accessible to startups in the St. Louis region by catalyzing the creation of new local funds and attracting new investor groups both nationally and internationally. BioSTL also connects startups to potential investors and coaches entrepreneurs to be effective fundraisers. Coaching includes honing these skills through grant writing and mock panel presentation training to help develop competitive applications for federal commercialization grants and other non-dilutive funding.


BioGenerator has invested $31 million into 91 startup companies, which have attracted $1.2 billion in co-investment and follow-on capital, a 36:1 leverage for each BioGenerator dollar invested. BioGenerator’s systematic de-risking of commercially-viable innovations give fellow venture firms confidence to invest.

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Capital Formation

BioSTL’s founder organized catalytic investments to launch several early, bioscience-focused venture funds, and since its beginning, BioSTL has helped develop new sources of capital in the St. Louis region. BioSTL and its investment arm BioGenerator continue this work by supporting new fund managers as they get investment funds off the ground; by exploring new special-purpose investment vehicles to increase capital available to St. Louis startups; and by examining emerging opportunities for new capital sources in the region.

Grants to Business

A concerted effort to significantly increase Missouri’s life-science business grant funding by training and coaching bioscience startups to develop competitive applications for Small Business Investigational Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grants, as well as other non-dilutive funding. The Grants to Business program participants have secured nearly $18 million in federal grant funding.

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Capital Flow to BioGenerator-backed St. Louis Companies

As the BioGenerator portfolio of quality St. Louis-based startups has grown, so has the ability to attract investment capital from well-known, respected investors across the United States and from overseas. Top-notch science combined with strong teams and a robust ecosystem gives investors a reason to look to St. Louis. This is one more way BioSTL is changing St. Louis from “fly over” country to “fly to” country.

Graphic representing companies moving to St. Louis
  • Novo Holdings A/S – Copenhagen
  • New Enterprise Assoc. (NEA) – Wash, D.C.
  • Menlo Ventures – San Francisco
  • GV (Google Ventures) – San Francisco
  • Bayer Growth Ventures – Boston
  • Qiming Venture Partners – Shanghai
  • Clarus Ventures – Boston
  • Sofinnova Ventures – San Francisco
  • Tekla Capital Management – Boston
  • ARCH Venture Partners – Chicago
  • Ascension Ventures – St. Louis
  • F-Prime Capital – Boston
  • Atlas Venture – Boston
  • Novartis Venture Fund – Basel, Switzerland
  • Roche Venture Fund – Basel, Switzerland
  • Nan Fung Life Sciences – Hong Kong
  • btov Partners – Berlin
  • Correlation Ventures – San Francisco
  • ETF Partners – London
  • Syngenta Ventures – RTP, North Carolina
  • Rock Springs Capital – Baltimore
  • AbbVie Ventures – Chicago
  • Ampersand Capital – Boston
  • RiverVest Venture Partners – St. Louis
  • Pansend Life Sciences – New York
  • Mercury Fund – Houston
  • Prelude Ventures – San Francisco
  • 7Percent Ventures – London
  • Data Collective – Palo Alto
  • HBM Partners – Zug, Switzerland
  • SV Tech Ventures – Palo Alto
  • TenOneTen Ventures – Los Angeles
  • Hemisphere Ventures – Seattle
  • Munich Venture Partners – Munich
  • Sirius Venture Partners – Düsseldorf
  • KfW Bankengruppe – Frankfurt
  • JANVEST Capital Partners – Tel Aviv
  • 3X5 Partners – Portland
  • Middleland Capital – Washington, D.C.
  • Lewis & Clark AgriFood – St. Louis