GlobalSTL Health Innovation Summit: Innovator Application

Our goal is to help you secure scalable revenue and grow your business.  

The GlobalSTL Business Development Platform (GBDP) is the premier US healthcare platform connecting you to $1T of healthcare buying power across our 20+ strategic partner organizations. Learn more about GlobalSTL.

GlobalSTL's 8th annual Global Health Innovation Summit (GHIS) will be held in-person on November 12-14, 2024.


Interested in learning more? Email: Tori Krejci, GlobalSTL Healthcare Innovation Analyst


Why Apply?

You will get access to face-to-face meetings with curated customers who have signaled a high level of interest in your solution.


How do you know if you're a fit? 

You have:

  • A solution that fits one or more of the 2024 Shopping List themes (see below) 
  • At least 1-2 years of funding runway 
  • Early or established commercial traction or a handful of paying customers that demonstrate product-market fit 

2024 Innovator Shopping List 

We summarize our strategic partners’ top innovation priorities into an innovation “Shopping List,” whose themes include: 

  • Strengthen the financial condition of healthcare delivery systems
  • Transitioning from fee-for-service to value-based-care
  • Building a sticky and longitudinal patient/member relationship
  • Reaching and managing the unreachable, underserved, and high utilizers
  • Stitching together a fragmented care ecosystem by building an end-to-end patient care journey
  • Enabling seniors to age at home and transforming caregiving
  • Leveraging AI to enable above pain points


How is my application evaluated?

  • Applications are sent to our strategic partners who select the solutions that are most relevant to their pressing business needs.
  • Innovators who receive the highest interest scores are invited to attend the Summit and meet with our strategic partners.

An invitation to the 2024 GlobalSTL Health Innovation Summit includes: 

  • 1:1 business development meeting schedule with healthcare orgs one month prior to event
  • Innovator workshop and networking happy hour
  • Expert panels and speakers discussing top pain points and innovation priorities
  • Guaranteed 1:1 business development meetings with our platform partners
  • Dedicated time to pitch your solution on the main summit stage
  • Networking happy hour for innovators and innovation buyers


Our Strategic Partners

$1T Platform Revenue (30% US Healthcare Spend)

GBDP Partner Logos

After the Summit

The GlobalSTL team will continue to provide business development support by facilitating debrief and follow-up meetings with Summit attendees and our strategic partners.

Important Dates: 

  • Early application deadline is February 16
  • Final application deadline is March 8
  • Summit invitations will be sent by June 10
  • Innovator Day will be held on November 12
  • Global Health Innovation Summit November 13-14

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Interested in learning more? Email: Tori Krejci, GlobalSTL Healthcare Innovation Analyst