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The Roadmap

The BioSTL Fundamentals Life-Science Entrepreneur's Roadmap is a 65 page introductory text meant to provide the basics of company start-up for Founders of life-science businesses. It was developed by BioSTL Fundamentals in cooperation with The Balsa Foundation.

This roughly 65-page document is designed to cover the basics of life-science company creation.  The Roadmap can be used two ways:

  • It can be read from start to finish in sequence – in fact each section contains a chapter that tells the story of a fictitious company start-up led by a company founder named Sue – a University Scientist. 
  • The “Roadmap” is organized as a FAQ – all of the sections start with a question listed in the Table of Contents.  Clicking on these will take you directly to the section addressing that question.  So you can use just what you think you need.

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The Business Model Canvas (BMC)

The C&R Track focuses on the Business Model Canvas as a crucial Coaching Tool.  This well-known business-planning tool is best deployed well before an attempt is made at writing a business plan. The BMC is the international standard for early stage entrepreneurial companies and is crucial to our coaching approach.

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Discounted Cash Flow Model (with link to DCF Guide)

After the BMC has gone through several iterations and describes a viable business model in words,  it’s time to describe the business in numbers to make sure it makes financial sense.  This is done using the Discounted Cash Flow model (DCF).  

Click Here for the Discounted Cash Flow Model Guide


These resources can be crucial for the success of an early stage life-science company.  They must be earned by competing effectively through coaching steps above:

  • Patent searches and diligence.
  • Market, Customer and Competitor research studies.
  • Regulatory evaluations and strategy development.
  • Small grants for Proof of Concept experiments.
  • Access to a fully equipped biology/chemistry laboratory.
  • Resource: Business mentors with start-up experience and technical experts to design “product/service development paths” for qualifying participants.

The program also offers a Non-Dilutive Funding track called “Grants To Business”. Click here to learn about the G2B resource.